Captain Brett Jensen.
Captain Brett Jensen.

A coffee with... Qantas pilot Brett Jensen

WE have a coffee with Qantas senior 737 pilot Captain Brett Jensen, born and raised in Gladstone, who assisted in safely chartering thousands of Bechtel employees home via plane this week.

On a Saturday afternoon you can find me mowing the lawn and wishing I was playing computer games.

My guiltiest pleasure is playing computer games when I should be mowing the lawn!

My first order of business as newly elected PM would be to spend more on public transport and infrastructure to improve it, and more bike paths.

When I was young, my dream was to be… it was always a pilot, or a veterinarian, or a chef.

When I feel like splurging my wife Caitlin finds out and says no, no, no.

When I think of Gladstone school days comes to mind... along with those many cringe-worthy moments.

Who would play you in a movie about your life? I've been told I look like Tim Robbins. Caitlin would prefer it be Colin Firth, but personally I reckon I bear an uncanny resemblance to Ryan Gosling.

If I could have one wish granted… Seriously, I don't wish for anything. Well... good health for me and my family.

My dream date to the Oscars would be Naomi Watts. She's a fantastic actress, and an Australian of course.

The legacy I hope to leave to the world is two well-balanced, thoughtful and intelligent daughters.

I would like to see Gladstone change in that it could do with a bit of rain. I think I've known Gladstone far too long. I don't really see any flaws. It will be nice though when the harbour gets cleaner.

If I could join any band it would be the backing band for Taylor Swift. Only for my daughters' benefit...truly.