BUILT for royalty may be the easiest way to describe this breathtaking house in Gladstone.

With spectacular design and unbelievably strong foundations, the house is a masterpiece.

Central Queensland company Projects Unlimited are the engineers behind the property, built on a hill looking east over the river and surrounding bushlands in south Gladstone.

The views from the top floor are spectacular, with tranquil surroundings to complement.

Projects Unlimited owner John Kolesky said the house features 150 downlights and 160 GPOs - an amount which would shock any electrician.

With a full solar system on the roof and a luxury pool on the upstairs deck, the house took just under 18 months to complete.

The house owners wished to remain anonymous but said they changed the design many times after sitting down with the architect.

"My wife picked the most difficult and most expensive but most obvious place to build it," the owner laughed.

Under the roof, the house covers about 600sq m.

Feature walls and outstanding furniture, paintings and accessories complement each room with matching colours and design.

The downstairs snooker room - or male retreat - is decked with manly possessions and highlighted with a gorgeous Italian leather brown lounge to suit.

Downstairs, the two bedroom unit is built like miniature holiday homes.

But the best features hit you as you journey up the marble tiled stairs to find a front entertainment deck filled with the works.

A luxury 10x5m pool sets the scene, followed by a small playground located off to the right.

With six fridges, five dishwashers and two kitchens and a butler's kitchen, the house feels fit for royalty.

Mr Kolesky said his favourite feature was the cold room.

And the masterpiece would not be completed without a large masterpiece canvas in the living room.

Originally visited at an exhibition in Rome, the owners purchased a Francesca Leone painting of General Di Giuseppe Garibaldi.

But the magic of the house did not come without its challenges in the building process.

Mr Kolesky said the conditions of the property made the whole process challenging and they had to excavate through rock, using rock breakers.

With clear glass balustrade, which proved cheaper to install themselves, the team at Projects Unlimited certainly outdid themselves.

"The house could withstand probably an earthquake," Mr Kolesky said.

Stand-out features:

  • Six fridges, five dishwashers
  • Cold room
  • Three kitchens (two + one butler's kitchen)
  • Butler's pantry
  • AEG German brand stove
  • Five bedrooms
  • Pool
  • Playground
  • Hidden storage
  • Outstanding views