Multiple police crews are on scene.
Multiple police crews are on scene. Cade Mooney

MANHUNT: Tactical Crime Squad carry out yard by yard search

UPDATE 11.50AM: TACTICAL Crime Squad officers from Mackay Police are preparing to carry out a yard by yard search in North Mackay as part of an ongoing search for a wanted person. 

The area police plan to search includes all properties back from the Gooseponds along Willetts Road, Harrington Street, Daniel Street, Roberts Avenue and Hannaford Street.

It remains unclear what potential offences the wanted person has committed. 

BREAKING 11.40AM: POLICE are establishing cordons in North Mackay as part of a developing situation.

Initial reports suggest police have engaged in a foot chase with a wanted person from a Malcomson Street address.

The chase has continued through a number of streets including Corney Street, Roberts Avenue and Daniel Street.

Police are establishing cordons on Willetts Road and are also scouring the Gooseponds for the wanted person.

It is understood the chase may be linked to a Black Nissan Navara which has been ditched in the backyard of a Malcomson St home. Dog squad crews are also being called in.

The wanted person is reportedly wearing a dark coloured shirt and a black baseball cap.