DYNAMIC DUO: Paul Pisasale and Donald Trump will get together in Ipswich if the mayor gets his way (Image digitally altered).
DYNAMIC DUO: Paul Pisasale and Donald Trump will get together in Ipswich if the mayor gets his way (Image digitally altered). Rob Williams

Pisasale invites Donald Trump to duck into 'great' Ipswich

ABOUT now, US President Donald Trump will be opening a letter from Mayor Paul Pisasale inviting him to visit Ipswich on any future trip to Australia.

Ipswich tourism figures for the past 12 months are through the roof and Cr Pisasale believes that a visit from the US President would be his trump card in taking those figures through the stratosphere.

In his letter, published in full on QT online, Cr Pisasale refers to previous US Presidents who have landed at Amberley but chosen to then travel to Brisbane without stopping in Ipswich.

He has invited Mr Trump to make history and be the first US President to spend time in the city.

"Bringing the President of the United States to Ipswich for a visit would have a multi, multi-million dollar effect on our tourism," Cr Pisasale said.

"That's because every person in the world will then know that Ipswich exists.

"Every media outlet in the country and the world would be here.

"Every hotel and restaurant will be full."

Tourism Research Australia figures for the year ending September 2016 show Ipswich had a 23 per cent increase in domestic overnight visitors, an extra 103,000 domestic overnight visitors and a $75 million boost to the local economy.

"Bring Donald Trump here and you can throw an extra four noughts on the end of it," Cr Pisasale said.

Or as Mr Trump would say, it would be "huge".

The invitation to Mr Trump is Cr Pisasale's idea and the QT is not giving too much away when we say that he was advised against it by those close to him.

But he won't have a bar of any criticism.

"Ever since I have been mayor I have given respect to the Premier of Queensland and the Prime Minister of Australia.

"Whether people agree with Donald Trump or not, he is the President of the United States.

"But if you don't agree with him, you can talk to him about your views and have good solid debate.

"Donald Trump wants fair trade. I want fair trade. He wants jobs for Americans. I want jobs for Australians.

"I am sure there is a compromise where cities around the world can form partnerships to create employment and investment.

"It has to be a win-win. I will show him we can grow together if we work together.

"Donald Trump wants to make America great, so one of the big things he will learn on his visit is that we have made Ipswich great by putting people first."

In his letter Cr Pisasale speaks of Ipswich's industry strengths in transport, logistics, energy, recycling and construction.

He told the QT that US companies have already invested in Ipswich but that could be enhanced.

Cr Pisasale said he wanted to share with Mr Trump "what makes an international community and how Ipswich is a part of the international community".

In his letter Cr Pisasale refers to how Ipswich has been "nominated in the Top 7 Intelligent Communities of 2015 and the Smart 21 Communities of 2017".


A letter from Paul Pisasale to Donald Trump.Photo: Contributed
The letter from Paul Pisasale to Donald Trump. Contributed


The duo do share some characteristics.

It is fair to say both have reasonably large egos.

Both can sniff out a TV camera quicker than you can say 'Hillary'.

Both make comments that are not politically correct and are regular Twitter users, although Cr Pisasale's Tweets are more moderate and less frequent.

Mr Trump has Cr Pisasale covered on the comb-over stakes as well...but only just.

Being of Italian descent, Cr Pisasale has a natural tan. President Trump's increasing orange hue was one of the mysteries of the US Presidential election, and remains such.

That look is what former US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld would have called "a known unknown".

Cr Pisasale, a keen golfer, said he was keen to hold talks with Mr Trump at Brookwater Golf Course on securing US investment in Ipswich.

Mr Trump owns 18 golf courses worldwide and plays off a handicap of anything between 2.8 and 4 according to golf magazines.

Cr Pisasale plays off 22, so that appears on the surface to be a mismatch.

Cr Pisasale said he wanted to take Mr Trump to the Workshops Railway Museum and Ipswich Art Gallery "to show him how those cultural and historical icons are embraced by families and tourists".

"I'd like to take him for a ride in a V8 Supercar out at Willowbank," Cr Pisasale said.

Cr Pisasale said he would also take Mr Trump to the Ripley area and show him the benefits of sustainable development before hosting a civic reception in his honour.

The secret service may have their work cut out securing the streets of Ipswich for the visit.

There is more than the odd lone nut lurking in the city environs.

Imagine Mr Trump winding through the Top of Town and the presidential limousine moving quickly out of the city past Cunningham's Knoll near Queen Victoria Parade towards Brisbane.

That would be a sight for sore eyes.