UPDATE: Rosedale fire extinguished, smoke to continue

LATEST: A QFES spokesperson has confirmed the fire at Rosedale was extinguished at 5.48pm yesterday.

Extensive back burning was conducted to contain the fire prior to its extinguishing.

Fire fighters left the scene around 6pm.

The area is expected to continue emitting smoke throughout the rest of the evening and throughout Wednesday.

5.27pm: Several crews are still in action trying to contain one final flank of un-contained fire.

At least five urban and seven rural fire trucks are on scene.

3.35pm: SIX FIRE crews and Queensland Police are on scene where an out-of-control-fire is raging.

The grass fire at Lloyd Jones Rd has led to a shed catching fire.

Crews have not been able to put an end to the flames yet and a QFES spokesman said the blaze was moving dangerously close to residences.

3.10pm: A MINIMUM of nine fire crews have responded to reports of a fire at Rosedale.

QFES were called about the blaze threatening homes about 1.45pm however only one has arrived at the scene so far.

A QFES media spokeswoman said the site of the fire "is a fair distance away from anything so it's taken crew a bit to get there."

Fire units from both central Queensland and the north coast have been contacted for urgent help.

Police are on scene.

Updates to follow.