Gladstone Court House, Yarroon Street.

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Gladstone Court House, Yarroon Street. Photo Brenda Strong / The Observer Brenda Strong GLA281013CORT

BREAKING: Accused Gladstone man collapses after bail refused

A GLADSTONE man has collapsed in the Gladstone Magistrates Court after his bail application was refused.

Noticeably shaking throughout his court mention, in front of Gladstone Magistrate Neil Lavaring, Rickie Leigh Sinclair dropped to the floor and began to convulse.

It happened just moments after Mr Lavaring refused his bail.

Emergency services were called as four police officers attended to Mr Sinclair.

About three minutes after he collapsed, an officer on scene said he had stopped shaking and his breathing had calmed.

He was taken to the Gladstone Hospital via ambulance, with police in tow.

Mr Sinclair appeared in court to apply for bail, after being charged with breaching bail and one count of committing public nuisance at a licensed premises.

He has not yet entered a plea.

The alleged offending occurred last weekend, April 16, at a Gladstone nightclub about midnight.

The court heard Mr Sinclair breached his curfew; a condition of the bail he was on at the time for other offences, by leaving the house after 6pm that night.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said Mr Sinclair had been at the nightclub as an entrant for a tattoo-judging competition being held on the premises.

Sgt Stevens said after walking into the nightclub, Mr Sinclair began to chat with a staff member of the club.

Mr Stevens said CCTV footage showed another man walk up to the pair.

Sgt Stevens said the footage showed a verbal argument broke out between the two, before Mr Sinclair allegedly threw his elbow into the alleged victim's head.

He said Mr Sinclair was escorted from the premises; police attended his residence the next day where he admitted to attending the club.

He was arrested and taken into custody.

Sgt Stevens said Mr Sinclair was not suitable for bail given his criminal history and failure to stick to previous bail conditions.

Gladstone Magistrate Neil Lavaring said Mr Sinclair was in a "show cause" situation and if he couldn't provide a sufficient reason for breaking his bail condition, his application would be refused.

However, Mr Lavaring said Mr Sinclair knew he should not have been at the nightclub and perhaps if he had stuck to his bail, the other offending would not have taken place.

His bail was refused, and Mr Sinclair was ordered to remain in custody until his next court date on May 4.

Upon hearing this decision, Mr Sinclair collapsed.