A 3.4 magnitude earthquake has hit off the coast of Yeppoon.
A 3.4 magnitude earthquake has hit off the coast of Yeppoon.

3.3 magnitude earthquake hits off CQ coast

UPDATE 1.45PM: THE earthquake that hit off the Central Queensland coast on Friday morning was manually detected 200km east of Gladstone by a a Seismologist from Geoscience Australia.

Marco Maldoni said the earthquake was too small for their systems to detect.

"It was only a shallow earthquake, about 10km deep, so we weren't automatically alerted," he said.

"It was so small and difficult to detect that I picked it up manually when I was going through the seismic data from today."

Mr Maldoni said earthquakes in this region were not unusual, adding there have probably been more than what's been detected.

"Over the last 10 years there have been 10 detected by our systems, so that's roughly one a year," he said.

"The biggest one most recently was offshore of Mackay, it was a 4.5 magnitude earthquake that hit in August this year."

Mr Maldoni also noted that because so many of the earthquakes off the Capricorn Coast are quite small they don't always pick up on the minor seismic activity.

"We always encourage members of the public who feel any tremors to get onto our website and fill in a Felt Report because sometimes the earthquakes are too small to be automatically detected."

BREAKING: A 3.4 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast off the Capricorn Coast on Friday.

The earthquake hit in the Coral Sea, east-northeast of Yeppoon shortly after 11am.

More to come.


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