Coen Ashton needs a kidney transplant.
Coen Ashton needs a kidney transplant. Robyne Cuerel

Double-lung transplant recipient needs a new kidney

AS if Coen Ashton hasn't faced enough challenges, the double-lung transplant recipient is now facing the prospect of surgery to give him a new kidney.

Coen, who lives in Maryborough but was forced to move to Melbourne to receive specialist treatment, has renal failure and has to undergo dialysis to stay alive.

At first Coen had a bad reaction to dialysis, which left him lethargic and unwell. But now he is undergoing dialysis treatment overnight and it has seen a dramatic change in his wellbeing.

Coen needs a kidney transplant, but there will be complications this time around.

Doctors will need to factor in the lungs Coen received in 2012 this time around to ensure the transplant is a success, with the focus on finding the right tissue match.

Coen's mum Dawn said this time a live donor would be better than a deceased donor as that had more prospect of success.

But a few weeks ago, before the new treatment was started, Dawn was told Coen would die if they tried to do the transplant.

Now that he is doing so much better, the transplant is back on the cards, but Coen's dialysis treatment is not covered in the health system.

He has to pay $500 a month for treatment that is helping to keep him alive.

A fundraiser will be held to help Coen continue his treatment. The event will start at 7am on February 5 at Sunstate Motorcycles, and motorcyclists and others are invited.

There will be a free barbecue before the riders head to the Sunshine Coast for lunch and people can make a donation of $20 to participate.