REEF AND BEEF:  Vern Kimball (C) has inspired the Boyne Tannum HookUp Team
REEF AND BEEF: Vern Kimball (C) has inspired the Boyne Tannum HookUp Team

Branding from Calgary offers unique hook for fishing comp

WHAT does it mean to HookUp?

The answer is possibly not what you're thinking.

But Boyne Tannum HookUp committee president Jennifer McGuiresaid it was a question her team found itself pondering recently after listening to a talk by Calgary Stampede ex-CEO Vern Kimball.

"Calgary is an exceptional community, it's recognised historically for its cowboys and horsemanship," she said.

"So when the Calgary Stampede committee asked themselves 'what does it mean to stampede' they had their branding focus.

"So it's cowboy hats, big belt buckles and getting back to the basic cowboy activities."

Ms McGuire said in Gladstone our biggest hero experiences for tourism were fishing and the reef.

"Like the Calgary Stampede, HookUp's got a natural resource and point of difference in something very unique," she said.

"We're Australia's biggest fishing competition with the broadest variety of fish to catch anywhere, so we've got that natural asset.

"It's about fishing, celebrating anglers and showcasing the region for tourists to come here and see how good it is to be an angler and catch a fish.

"But if we ask what it means to HookUp then our survey data shows most people at the event come for the social aspect.

"It's mainly about socialising, networking, connecting and interacting.

"Unlike other music, food or wine festivals we've got a real strategic advantage here."

Ms McGuire said the HookUP team was determined to offer tourists to Gladstone a uniquely memorable experience.

"We are truly focused on delivering our vision of Nationally Known Internationally Recognised," she said.