Ian Roberts reveals 12 years in Rugby left him brain damaged

FORMER Kangaroos and NRL forward Ian Roberts has revealed his 12-year career in one of the toughest sports in the world left him brain damaged.

Speaking to Channel Seven's Sunday Night program, the 48-year-old said: "I have brain damage. I've been acting now for 10 years, studying lines and that kind of thing.

"One day you have it down and then the next day you're like 'I have just lost all that info (sic) again'," he said.

Roberts, who was the first NRL player to reveal he was gay, suffered several concussions during his career with South Sydney, Manly and the Cowboys.

His experience saw him issue the following warning to parents: "I have got to say any parent, they have got to question the safety of their children (playing football)," he said.

The NRL has introduced new laws this seasons that require potentially concussed players to be diagnosed by a head trainer, and if warranted, by a club doctor who will determine if the player is fit to return to the field.