Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt rejected from jury duty

BRAD Pitt was rejected from jury service for being too much of a distraction.

The 'Fury' actor was summoned to a courtroom in Los Angeles last Friday (12.12.14) along with several other potential jurors, but was turned away because he was deemed too much of a disturbance for the legal proceedings because of his celebrity status, much to the disappointment of the 51-year-old star.  

An attorney in the city, William R. Lively, explained jurors are selected using a random process meaning their status as a celebrity is not picked up until they arrive at court.  

He said: "Like any other potential juror, Brad would have received a jury summons that required him to travel downtown and be interviewed by the judge or attorneys in what is called voir dire.  

"This is a system of examination whereby both the prosecution and defense have the opportunity to object to a particular juror.   

"In most cases as soon as it's discovered that a potential juror is a major celebrity, that person is dismissed, but that is not always the case."  

Unfortunately for the hunk, - who has recently been attending premieres for his wife Angelina Jolie's new movie 'Unbroken' while she suffers with chicken pox - the professional said Brad's reactions could cause the verdict to be skewed which ultimately meant he was unable to perform his civic duty.  

He told MailOnline: "You just can't stick Brad Pitt in a jury box and expect 11 jurors to ignore him.  

"It's only natural that those jurors would be watching to see how Brad reacts to what's being said and that they could be influenced by his opinions once the jury goes behind closed doors to render a verdict."  

A source added: "Brad was hoping he might get picked to serve on a short case, but the problem was, he would actually be required to serve for as long as it took for the case to be decided."