Bureau predicts a hot, dry season over spring months

WITH the chilly months behind us, Gladstone residents are in for above-average temperatures now that spring has hit.

Bureau of Meteorology spokesman Brendan Bradford said people should be prepared for a fairly warm season, after winter clocked some warmer-than-average days.

Over the next three months the outlook was similar to general August temperatures with a roughly normal rainfall season.

"The maximum is expected above the longer term average," he said.

"Indications are that spring is going to be a warm one and a dry time of the year."

The BOM professional said this was due to warmer temperatures occurring over the Indian Ocean.

Looking back, Mr Bradford said central Queensland had experienced fairly warm evenings over the cold season.

He said the region had received above average temperatures.

"The overnight minimum temperature was around four to five degrees above average for most of July," he said.

Gladstone received its warmest winter day of 29 degrees on August 15.

The coldest day to hit the region was recorded at six degrees.