Boyne Valley disaster management meeting postponed

THE Community Disaster Management Meeting to be conducted at the Nagoorin Hall at 3.30pm on Friday has been postponed due to local flooding and wet weather.

The intention of the meeting, organised by Gladstone Regional Council in conjunction with the Nagoorin Progress Association, had been to provide Boyne Valley residents with the opportunity to learn more about the future development of the Boyne Valley Local Emergency Coordination Committee (LECC).

Gladstone Region Mayor Gail Sellers said the meeting would be postponed to a date yet to be advised.

"It is unfortunate that the meeting could not go ahead as scheduled, but it is weather events such as that which we have experienced this week which remind us why the formation of LECCs throughout the region is so important," Councillor Sellers said.

"Similar committees have been established at Agnes Water and Baffle Creek and will play a vital role in assisting with communications in preparation for and during a disaster.

"For this reason, it is important that the event goes ahead as soon as a suitable date has been established."