LUCKY Jordan Bonython has somehow escaped serious injury when hit by a car on a busy Toowoomba road.

The six-year-old's mother, Priscilla Ward, and father Brad Bonython yesterday thanked Drayton neighbours who helped the boy after his sneaky bike ride ended in disaster.

Miss Ward said her son had asked if he could go two houses down the street to visit friends about 5.20pm Sunday.

It was something he had been doing regularly without incident since last year, so she agreed.



She told him he wasn't allowed to take his bike, but he sneaked it out while she was on the phone.

The next thing she knew her neighbours were at her front door saying he had been hit by a car at the intersection of Gipps and Brose Sts.

Miss Ward said the boy had not stopped at their place as usual, instead continuing up to the busy road after seeing other children riding bikes in a nearby park.

"It was an instant run down the street," Miss Ward said.

"I just kept screaming out his name until I got there."



LUCKY BOY: Lucky to escape with minor injuries, young Jordan Bonython, 6-years-old was hit by a car in Drayton on Sunday afternoon. With his mother, Priscilla Ward with the intersection behind them. Photo Bev Lacey / The Chronicle
Jordan Bonython, 6, is cuddled by his mother at the Drayton intersection where he was hit by a car while riding a bike. Bev Lacey

She arrived to find witnesses had moved the boy off the road and grabbed him pillows to rest on.

Miss Ward said it appeared Jordan had ridden in front of a car as it was turning.

She was told he flipped up onto the bonnet and then landed on the bitumen.

"It clipped his bike before it got too much of him."

Jordan had blood on his face, cuts on his back and wasn't saying much.

He wasn't wearing a helmet or shoes when he sneaked away.

"I didn't know he had his bike until I got down there."

Miss Ward went with him to Toowoomba Hospital where extensive testing was done to determine the severity of his injuries.

Meanwhile, Mr Bonython had started making his way back from a building job at St George after receiving the dreaded news.

"One of my mates drove me back," Mr Bonython said.

"I was in no state to drive."

Miss Ward stayed awake all night by her son's hospital bed.

It was an anxious time.

But doctors gave him the all clear on Monday, giving him a "moon boot" to wear due to tissue damage in his leg.

The parents were grateful for the lucky escape.

"You hear of these things every day and you hear how not everyone is so lucky," Miss Ward said.

She thanked neighbours for their quick action and concern.

"We have lived in this area for a while now.

"Everyone knew Jordan and everyone wanted to help."

She also thanked the paramedics and hospital staff who looked after him.

Drayton police said no action was expected to be taken against the driver.