FOUR-year-old expelled after Facebook rant
FOUR-year-old expelled after Facebook rant

Boy, 4, expelled after mum's Facebook rant

A FOUR-year-old has been expelled from his private Christian preschool after his mother criticised the school on Facebook.

Florida mum Ashley Habat took to Facebook after the school gave too little time to prepare for "picture day".

The school said her son Will was no longer welcome.

The private post from Ms Habat read, "Why is it that every single day there is something new I dislike about Will's School? Are my standards really too high or are people working in the education field really just that ignorant?".

Unfortunately, it was seen by officials from the Sonshine Christian Academy after the school was tagged in the post.

Ms Habat told news station WJXT Jacksonville she did not regret her comments but felt a child shouldn't be punished for their parent's opinions.


In the dismissal letter written by the school, Ms Habat was told she "utilized social media to call into question not only the integrity but the intelligence of our staff. ... These actions are also consistent with sowing discord, which is spoken of in the handbook you signed".

"I was in shock," Ms Habat said.

"Why would you expel a 4-year-old over something his mom posts on her private Facebook page only people on her friends list can see?"

The school told WJXT it would not comment because it was a matter between school and parent.