WATER OF LIFE: Karen Trezise and Don Irvine of Capricorn Coast Drilling Services
WATER OF LIFE: Karen Trezise and Don Irvine of Capricorn Coast Drilling Services

Bore water record smashed on Ambrose property

THE secret to starting a successful business is to find a hole in the market and fill it.

For Karen Trezise and Don Irvine, owners of Capricorn Coast Drilling Services, drilling and plugging holes is something they're very passionate about.

But last week in Ambrose they exceeded even their own expectations by breaking all local records.

"We hit an aquifer that yielded 10,000 gallons of water an hour," Ms Trezise said.

"The record prior to that was 1800 gallons per hour, so that was one very happy customer.

"Each one is different, depending what part of the country you're in.

"But yields generally range from 500 gallons an hour for a domestic bore to 20,000 gallons for an irrigation bore."

The couple set up business in Gladstone last year and have been delighted with the interest in their service.

"We were surprised by the amount of requirements for water bores in this area," Ms Trezise said.

"Judging from the inquiries and bookings we've had to date, I think our service will be beneficial long term in this area.

"We've spoken to lots of people who have been waiting for drillers for a long time, in some cases from months to a couple of years."


Originating from Mitchell in Western Queensland, the couple settled in Boyne Island to start their new business venture together.

"We're both from the bush so we know good potable water is like liquid gold," she said.

"Particularly when it's been so dry like it has been lately.

"Especially for people with livestock, nurseries and orchards, it's so rewarding when we can find good water for them."

Mr Irvine has been in the industry for more than 30 years and has had a great deal of experience when it comes to locating potential water.

"We can never guarantee a 100 per cent successful flow but we're quietly confident of finding water with all the research we do," Ms Trezise said.

"We check the area's bore logs, which gives us an idea of what water's around, the aquifer depths and water quality.

"We like to meet with our clients and do a little bit of divining on their property, which gives us a pretty good idea of where to drill."

She said Mr Irvine was an extremely experienced water diviner, with a focus on delivering a first-class product compliant with governing regulations.

"It's really quite interesting and not everyone can do it," she said.

"Even though it's just a piece of wire, it's very accurate, because if you walk away from the aquifer the wire will swing around and direct you back to where the water is.

"I can do it but Don's the guru when it comes to water divining."

The business is based in Enterprise St, Boyne Island, but they travel all over Queensland.

"We've been getting work in Emerald and Charleville," Ms Trezise said.

"But it's been wonderful drilling local bores in Burua, Beecher, Calliope, Agnes Water and Ambrose.

"We also believe in supporting local businesses by buying all our supplies in Gladstone, it's important to do that."

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