Your response: Should we open up beaches to more alcohol?

THE Gold Coast City Council is considering a report on opening up beaches for commercial use including bars and restaurants however Gladstone Mayor Gail Sellers said we've already got it covered.

"Our beaches are already open to commercial activity and the surf club at Tannum is licensed. What more would we need. We've got lots of restaurants and bars close to our beaches," Mayor Sellers said.

Businesses are currently operating equipment hire and fitness boot camps on beaches in Tannum, 1770 and Agnes Water but this doesn't quite compare to what is being proposed for the Gold Coast.

While the idea of lazing in the sun with waiters serving drinks and food sounds more like a holiday in Bali, Mayor Sellers felt that any new proposal would have to be carefully considered.

"I see the opening up of our beaches to more commercialization as the way of the future but do we need alcohol everywhere? If you go to the beach for a family day do you want people drinking?" She said.


Local Surf Life Saver Poppy Bryant agreed with the mayor saying she didn't like the idea of bringing alcohol on to the beach.

"Tannum is a family beach and people will become nuisances and cause problems which will make it unsafe," Ms Bryant said.

Karen Maxwell who lives close to the beach at Tannum said she knew people would love the idea of drinking at the beach but thought it was best to keep things simple and leave beach areas the way they are.

Fisherman Barry Hanson didn't like the idea of encouraging public drunkenness but admitted the thought of having a beer after fishing sounded good.

"While I don't have any preconceived notions about the idea, someone would have to come up with a proposal and then we'd have to seriously look at it and see how we could control it," Mayor Sellers said.