The Business Leveraging from Local Events Workshop will help boost your bottom line.
The Business Leveraging from Local Events Workshop will help boost your bottom line. AAP/JOEL CARRETT

Boost your bottom line with free business workshop

RENOWNED placemaker, author and social innovator David Engwicht wants to improve the bottom line of your business when he returns to Gladstone later this month.

The man behind last year's 7-Day Makeover in Goondoon St and Mt Larcom will be speaking at two business workshops focusing on how local businesses can capitalise on local events.

"I've had long-standing interest in how businesses work, particularly in town centres, and I have a very strong belief that great public space and vibrant businesses go hand in glove - you really can't have one without the other," Mr Engwicht said.

"I'm just not interested in making over town centres but how we can actually work with retailers to make them much more prosperous and vibrant."

The Business Leveraging from Local Events Workshop will be hosted by the Boyne Tannum HookUp in conjunction with Boyne Tannum Arts Business Community Association and Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry with Mr Engwicht as key facilitator and motivator.

The sessions are free and will be held at Tannum Sands and Gladstone on February 22-23 respectively.


Business Leveraging from Local Events Workshop.
Business Leveraging from Local Events Workshop. Contributed

Mr Engwicht will discuss his 'Till Thieves' concept, about retailers doing themselves out of business without knowing it.

"There's six commonly held beliefs retailers have that really plunder their bottom line," he said.

"Retailers are usually completely blown away about how simple these things are - we're not talking about rocket science."


REVAMP: International place making expert and creator of the 7 Day Makeover David Engwicht.
REVAMP: International placemaking expert and creator of the 7 Day Makeover, David Engwicht. contributed

Mr Engwicht stopped short of revealing all six 'Till Thieves' but offered some insight into one of the so-called 'thieves'.

"There's a lot of retailers who believe that generosity undermines their bottom line. So they'll do things like making the toilets customer only and put signs on their tables saying for customers only... they see that generosity as a cost," he said.

"What I show them is meanness of spirit actually tightens people's purse strings. The moment someone sees a sign like that they're less inclined to spend money.

"I say that generosity is the greatest resource that retailers can mine.

"If they come into your shop to use your toilet they feel obligated to buy something while they're there - it's very subtle thing but the chances of them buying something goes up."

Mr Engwicht highlighted examples where business had flourished after attending the sessions.

"One restaurant implemented two of my ideas and doubled its lunchtime trade. Another business increased its turnover by 40 per cent," he said.

"There are very real and tangible results that other business have got out of it."

HookUp project coordinator Lyndal Hansen was thrilled to have Mr Engwicht coming back to Gladstone.

"He's literally a genius at this type of thing. He's an amazing motivator and he has this creative flair that you don't see in many people," she said.

Ms Hansen said the workshop was about getting businesses to understand how they could leverage off an event, such as the HookUp, Harbour Festival and the upcoming NRL match.

"The thing we'll do at the workshop is talk about how businesses individually can leverage, but also collectively how we might leverage," she said.

"It's about how you can get people in your front door or what you could offer that might be conducive to an event."


WHEN: February 22-23

WHERE: Boyne Tannum Community Centre (Feb 22) and Gladstone City Library (Feb 23)

TIME: Session One (Inspiration): 7-8.30am, Session Two (Collective Application): 5.30-7.30pm (same time both days)

COST: Free

RSVP: February 19 by calling 0408071465 or email

Attendees are encouraged to attend both the morning and afternoon sessions.