BONE DRY: Dan Leggett with his crane in Gayndah, after 150L of fuel was siphoned from it. Credit: Sam Turner.
BONE DRY: Dan Leggett with his crane in Gayndah, after 150L of fuel was siphoned from it. Credit: Sam Turner.

Brazen thieves steal 150 litres of fuel from a crane

ANOTHER incident of faceless crime has struck this North Burnett town, with the victim left "clueless" to who the perpetrator was.

Gayndah resident Dan Leggett woke up to begin work the morning of October 14, when one of his 4WD cranes wouldn't start.

"I originally thought I had a blocked filter or something like that," Mr Leggett.

"On further inspection I saw that she was completely dry, with 150L gone from it."

Working in a small business, Mr Leggett uses two of his cranes for crane hire, lifting windmills, trucks, and other general work.

Mr Leggett estimated the fuel lost was over $250 worth, saying the setback had put him behind on his work schedule.

"It's just one of those faceless crimes, and I'm clueless to who has done this."

Mr Leggett acknowledged there had "been a bit of crime going on all around the place", with other residents being targeted by thieves recently.

"Something has changed around here, and it's a real bugger too.

"I've never lost a thing in the 26 years I've been here."

Gayndah police officer-in-charge Sergeant Don Auld believes sometimes we can "all get a bit lax" after years of safety.

"Just because it hasn't happened in the past, doesn't mean it won't happen in the future," Sgt Auld said.

"That kind of thinking is how can you end up becoming a victim."

On whether these upcoming incidents are related, Sgt Auld wants to keep more of an open mind.

"Copycats can happen, and I don't assume it's just the one person.

"People move in different circles, and in those circles they can talk about getting away with something.

"They end up selling it as a good idea even though it's a crime, and then others in that circle might start doing the same thing."

The best thing locals can do according to Sgt Auld is to constantly review their security.

"If it's something of obvious value such as things that are portable, and can be turned in for cash, they need to be secured."

In an event of an emergency, please call triple-0, or if you have information or concerns please contact Police Link on 13 14 44.