Katter wants laws to give supermarket suppliers a fair deal

OUTSPOKEN Queensland Federal MP Bob Katter hopes to move new laws to ensure suppliers to the major supermarkets get a fair deal, after the competition watchdog started legal action against Coles this week.

Mr Katter said he would be basing the proposed legislation on United States laws that prohibit anti-competitive practices, with a focus on "price discrimination".

He said the proposed laws would "relieve pressure on food, grocery and other supermarket suppliers".

His first opportunity to introduce the laws would be during parliamentary sittings in Canberra next week, but it would likely be overshadowed by the Abbott Government releasing its first budget.

The action by the north Queensland MP comes after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission earlier this week revealed it was taking Coles to court over alleged "standover tactics" used against smaller suppliers.

Coles has denied any such practices within its businesses, and has confirmed it would be fighting the court case.