Gladstone Volunteer Marine Rescue, Gladstone 1 VMR.
Gladstone Volunteer Marine Rescue, Gladstone 1 VMR.

Boatie needs rescue a day after joining VMR

A GLADSTONE boat owner was lucky to become a VMR member on Friday — he ended up needing rescuing a day later.

On Saturday VMR Gladstone received a call at 7.45am for a 5.2m vessel with four people on board which had experienced steering failure near Cape Capricorn.

Gladstone 1 with four crew was dispatched at 8.20am and located the vessel at anchor in calm conditions around 9.50am.

Gladstone 1 took the vessel under tow and delivered it back to the Gladstone Marina at 11.15am.

The boat owner expressed his gratitude as a new VMR member.

He said he never expected to be a situation where he would need VMR’s assistance.

“You can never tell,” he said.

“It is the best money I have ever spent joining VMR.”