BlueAnt X5 portable speaker review: Let's start the party

The BlueAnt X5 portable bluetooth speaker comes with its own microphones for a little karoake action.
The BlueAnt X5 portable bluetooth speaker comes with its own microphones for a little karoake action.


IF you're looking to get the party started, or plan to share some Christmas cheer with the neighbours, this could be the best little box you buy.

Australian audio pioneer BlueAnt recently launched its flagship entry into the party speaker space, the X5, and it's getting rave reviews for good reason.

Put simply, the speaker rocks, and when you throw in a couple of microphones, you have yourself a mobile party machine.

Described as a 'noise complaint waiting to happen', it not only has good, deep bass-driven sound, but it has a very cool LED lighting system which means if the music doesn't get everyone's attention the lights will.

We wanted to put the speaker to the test by walking the neighbourhood and singing out loud, but we contained ourselves.

Instead, I got my daughter, who is a very talented singer, to plug in a microphone and give it a whirl.
There was one condition, I had to leave the room while she sang.

So I went around the corner and what emerged was just beautiful.

I may be a little biased but the sound was that of an angel. And it carried right through the house. I was glad I was around the corner because, just quietly, I almost cried.

BlueAnt CEO Taisen Maddern describes the X5 as the 'best piece of audio equipment we have ever produced."

And he's right.

"This is in a class of its own. In terms of terms of loudness, clarity, portability and overall performance, we don't think you will find a better speaker anywhere in the world for under AU$400."

"No matter the song, the beat, the volume or the environment, every detail of the sound is delivered beautifully."

We tested a range of music from the thumping sounds and screaming vocals of Midnight Oil to more melodic and thought-provoking inspirational tracks.

It is a speaker that will satisfy both bass junkies and classical musical lovers.

The X5 delivers 110dB of sound with the music-driven lighting adding another dimension to BlueAnt's patented Psycho-Acoustic Bass Extension.

As a speaker on its own, it is more than adequate to fill any room with sound, but with Duo Mode can you pair it with another X5 for a stage like experience.

Anyone for some karaoke?
Anyone for some karaoke?

The bonus wired microphones are a little crackly to connect but once in they offer solid sound, and even an adjustable echo mode, to bring the fun of karaoke to your home, community group or business.

Given its sound quality and sturdiness, the speaker is surprisingly light at just over 4kgs and has its own handle so you can take it to the beach, a picnic or just to the poolside.


  • It packs a 156mm woofer (6.5in), a 59mm tweeter (2.25in)
  • Offers up to 20 hours  of battery life, has a built-in power bank, and is capable of continuous play when plugged in to its rapid charge DC adaptor
  • Bluetooth 5.0, USB and Aux playback options
  • Duo mode can connect two X5 speakers
BlueAnt X5 portable speaker
BlueAnt X5 portable speaker


While restrictions at pubs and clubs have eased, there are still plenty of people upgrading their home entertainment.

Appliance retailers experiencing the boom first-hand, with at least one reporting a 15.1 per cent increase in hardware and services sales driven by the communications, computers, visual, audio and small appliances categories.

"We're not just in the work-from-home era but the entertain-at-home era too," said Maddern.

"Whether it's finding ways to keep the kids occupied while you work from home, or getting family and friends around for a party or gathering, people are looking at upgrading their home entertainment and technology to meet these needs."

Music fans are looking at creative ways to congregate with their closest friends, with party speakers rapidly increasing in popularity and availability across the globe.


"Customers are getting much more than what they pay for when it comes to the sound the X5 can produce at that price point," Maddern said.

"It produces crystal clear sound without distortion. It's a premium speaker at a mid-range price point and our customers will be over the moon with the bang for the buck they're receiving in the X5."

BlueAnt has sold nearly 10 million devices sold to date.

The company has a track record of innovative design with products currently retailing in over 20 countries.

The firm was BlueAnt was founded in 2003 and pioneered hands-free Bluetooth products in Australia, developing the first dual microphone Bluetooth headset, before entering the US market.