Block for high school likely saved from sale

THE battle to save the block of land for a new high school at Calliope looks to have been won at the state election.

The zoning plan for the lot at Don Cameron Dr will now be resubmitted to the State Government with an assurance from the newly elected local member it will not be sold for residential development.

The land has long been earmarked for a high school, but at the LNP State Government's request it was put on to the market in 2013.

Calliope resident and mum Lynda Ninness has passionately opposed the sale of land and said her sentiments were reflective of the rapidly growing community.

"The town is growing so fast and I can't believe the short-sightedness of selling the land, only to have to buy it back in a few years," Ms Ninness said.

Ms Ninness was the driving force behind a pre-election petition that gained more than 300 signatures, on top of the 1600 she collected in 2013 when the land first went up for sale.

But Ms Ninness won't be easily reassured of the reversal of the previous government's decision.

"Once I see the 'for sale' sign come down I will be happier," she said.

Gladstone Regional Council Deputy Mayor Matt Burnett said council was committed to keeping the 14ha reserved for the need for a high school.

"They (the outgoing Government) forced us to rezone the land as residential," Cr Burnett said.

"We didn't want to. We first lodged it with that parcel of land zoned for community purposes, but they overrode us."

Cr Burnett said when the new town plans were resubmitted, that parcel of land would once again be zoned for community purposes, not residential.