‘Bit ridiculous’: Scammers lurk in fishing festival waters

ORGANISERS of a popular Central Queensland family fishing festival labelled ticket scammers who targeted their event as ‘just ridiculous’.

Sonja Cooper’s comments followed a post on the Baffle Creek Family Fishing Festival page which advised fishers to be alert.

“It has been brought to my attention that there are “scammers” out there trying to “sell” you cheap tickets to the BCFFF both as an entrant and as a stall holder,” Ms Cooper said.

“I must apologise for not noticing sooner, I can only imagine that the person offering the cheap tickets has “blocked” me so I cannot see their comments.”

Ms Cooper issued a warning on the post against purchasing tickets any way other than submitting our paper registration form or in person with only cash payment accepted.

With the BCFFF getting underway yesterday, Ms Cooper told The Observer that it was a “bit ridiculous”of scammers to scam cheap tickets for a free market stall site.

Unfortunately it confused one lady but I messaged her, deleted the scammers and reported to Facebook.”

Ms Cooper said Facebook’s response was lacklustre as the company said the scammers had not gone against community standard and her report was dropped.