Bronwyn Bishop
Bronwyn Bishop AAP Image - Mick Tsikas

Bishop offered Speaker's chair in Greek Parliament

OFFICIALS from the Greek Parliament have reportedly offered Bronwyn Bishop the role of speaker of their own Parliament.

A spokesperson for Greece's Minister for Expenditure released a statement announcing the offer shortly after Mrs Bishop announced her resignation from the Australian Speaker's chair.

In the statement, the spokesperson points to "a solid alignment of cultural and economic priorities" as the main reason for the offer.

"Greece needs representatives who appreciate the Greek way," they said.

"And it is clear that Mrs Bishop shares our disgust for austerity."

Prime Minister Tony Abbott's office commented on the offer, saying "what are you on about? Greece? Are you high?"

"Oh, but while you're there, can you do us a solid and delete anything we said about Peter Slipper? Cheers."

News of the offer comes amid reports a journalist has been arrested for booing Mrs Bishop at her resignation press conference.

"The Australian Federal Police will not tolerate racial vilification during press conferences," said AFP spokesperson Bill Posters.

"We're reliably informed by the Prime Minister that it is, in fact, a criminal offence to boo a government MP.

"Who knew?"

Speculation over Mrs Bishop's replacement has been rife, with current favourites Philip Ruddock and Prince Philip at even odds.

"Oh yes, well, I have become somewhat known for my speaking," Prince Philip said.

"And I hear you've been having some trouble with the natives down there, yes?

"I'd love a crack at helping with that."


We're calling for volunteers to investigate Mrs Bishop's expense claims as the AFP are currently overloaded investigating late speeding fine payments.

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