TAKE THE SURVEY: The latest BIRRR survey on landline phones is available on their website.
TAKE THE SURVEY: The latest BIRRR survey on landline phones is available on their website.

BIRRR encouraging people in regional areas to have their say

FED up with poor telecommunications services in rural and regional Australia? Chances are you are not alone. Better Internet for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia co-founder Kristy Sparrow said 900 people had already had their say on the landline and connectivity survey that is open until March 28 - the results will be handed straight over to the Federal Government.

Ms Sparrow said the government was developing options for a new universal service guarantee that will ensure all Australians can access a voice service - making calls using the internet opposed to a phone - and broadband.

"It's our third survey and in the past they have given us some great results. We did a survey after the Sky Muster satellite NBN was released and with the results of the survey we were able to achieve increased peak data,'' Ms Sparrow said.

"The most important thing is we don't go backwards in what we already currently have.”

People can participate in the survey by going to the BIRRR website. Once the survey closes, the data will be presented to the Universal Service Guarantee taskforce committee, government department and ministers.

"We'll also be using the results in our work at BIRRR towards our better bush communication campaign and our advocacy work as well,” Ms Sparrow said.

Ms Sparrow and Kylie Stretton launched BIRRR Australia in October 2015.

"We started the group because the telecom industry in regional Australia was confusing to people and we wanted to share some of the experiences and information that we had,” Ms Sparrow said.

Founder of BIRRR, Kristy Sparrow.
BIRRR founder Kristy Sparrow. Contributed

Their research found that issues with telecommunications services were far-reaching across the nation.

"We started mapping the issues about 12 months ago and we've found the issues are just widespread across regional and rural Australia,” Ms Sparrow said.

"It's really hard for people to find independent information about what kind of internet service would be suited for them because the information just isn't there.

"People in those areas just don't have the same help and support that people in metropolitan areas do.”

The survey can be found at www.birrraus.com.