PHOTOS: Drone business gives bird’s eye view of HookUp

GLADSTONE'S new aerial videography business gave Boyne Tannum HookUp visitors a different perspective on the weekend's event.

Queensland Aerial sent its drone up and live streamed footage onto the HookUp big screen at Bray Park.

Co-owner Darren Jeacocke said the drone had done a bit of a tour down to the Boyne River mouth, over the boats and back over the crowd.

"It gave them a different perspective, live," he said.

"We can get a 360-degree view. The crowd loved it."

The Queensland Aerial team, which consists of Mr Jeacocke, his brother Cory and Cory's fiancée Sarah McGuire, launched the drone from a number of different spots, including the boat ramp and behind the HookUp main stage.

The Tannum Sands-based business is now ready to welcome customers, and generated a lot of interest over the weekend.

"We had lots of people coming up and asking us for information," Mr Jeacocke said.

Find out more at http://www.qldaerial.com.au.