‘Binge drinking’ session at wedding ends in car crash

A MAN who crashed his car while drink driving more than twice the legal limit has had his license suspended.

James Stuart Priestly, 30, appeared before Lismore Local Court on Tuesday charged over driving with a high range PCA after he recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.199.

Police had charged the Upper Main Arm man after he had crashed his car into a fence following a "binge drinking" episode at a wedding which left him "emotionally disturbed" on October 13 last year.

The court heard Priestly was seeking counselling for his alcohol abuse, which had been brought on following a relationship breakdown and working in a high-pressured job as an IT specialist.

Magistrate Michael Dakin told the court Priestley's many personal references had spoken highly of the man, and many had "expressed surprise" at his offence.

Mr Dakin said while nobody was injured in the crash, and there was minimal property damage other than his car which was written off, his blood alcohol reading was "very concerning".

Priestly was sentenced to a two-year community corrections order and has had his license suspended for nine months.