Bikie stages pink protest down Toowoomba's main drag

AN ANONYMOUS bikie has made a public pink protest down the main strip of Toowoomba in response to the State Government's new anti-bikie laws.

The lone rider traded the traditional black-leather garb synonymous with bikie culture for a bright pink vest as he rode down Ruthven St.

A friend documented the ride on film, attaching the words "Bring on the pink, Newman. We don't care!"

In a letter to The Chronicle, the mystery rider outlined the basis of his protest.

"It is my answer to Campbell Newman's childish threats of making 'bikie' prisoners wear pink," the letter states.

"We don't give a stuff."

An unnamed motorcyclist sent this protest photo and the attached words to The Chronicle.
An unnamed motorcyclist sent this protest photo and the attached words to The Chronicle.

Controversy over the new Queensland-wide Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment bill, pushed through parliament last month, continues to rear its head.

Up to 20 members of the Toowoomba branches of the Bandidos and Life and Death motorcycle clubs - the only two outlawed gangs with chapters in the city - have withdrawn their membership to avoid jail.

Their lawyer, Creevey Russell Lawyers principal Dan Creevey, said their attempts were not recognised by the State Government or police.

He said they faced living their entire lives under suspicion, as no provisions for severing ties with a bikie gang had been made by Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie.

The Bandidos' clubhouse in Toowoomba has been raided by police, though no arrests or evidence of illegal activities have resulted.

The Toowoomba president of Life and Death has given up a successful Gatton tattoo studio to avoid a mandatory six-month prison sentence.

And now Premier Campbell Newman's own family has come under fire from so-called activists who publicised his and his wife's personal details.

It all adds up to an unprecedented chapter in Queensland's history - one that Toowoomba's unnamed pink bikie would like to tear out.

"I think there is some evidence that a few of the clubs, possibly two or three, are indeed involved in systematic crime," he said.

"But I know for a certainty that a larger number of accused clubs were and are not criminal organisations. Crime statistics support that view.

"Admittedly, the occasional member might smoke a bit of weed or sniff some whiz from time to time, but the club has no involvement in crime as an organisation.

"Mr Newman may not like motorcycle clubs, but that is not a valid reason for legislating against them in such an outrageous way.

"Mr Newman and Mr Bleijie have shown a breath-taking disregard for justice and the due process of law."

Read the full letter below:

Journalists Department

Toowoomba Chronicle

Dear Sir/Madam

For obvious reasons I wish to remain anonymous.  I am a biker, and I am not at all impressed with the new "Anti-bikies" legislation.

On the enclosed DVD you will find some photos of myself riding in the main street of Toowoomba wearing a pink vest.  It is my answer to Campbell Newman's childish threats of making "bikie" prisoners wear pink.  We don't give a stuff.


Police have been demonizing bikers for many years, insisting that Motorcycle Clubs are "outlaw bikie gangs".  And of course, the media love a good headline.  Very frequently statements have been made that a person accused of a crime "may have connections to a bikie gang".  In many cases, the Club in question had never heard of the person.

The point is: people in the RACQ commit crimes too, but I have never heard it said in the media that the accused person was a member of the RACQ.  If the RACQ was treated by police and the media as Motorcycle Clubs have been, eventually the "outlaw RACQ car gang" would start to look like a criminal organisation as well.

Motorcycle clubs have always been misunderstood.  Yet it is a sub-culture that has much going for it.  They are loyal, having a deep commitment to brotherhood.  They are patriotic.Many have served their country in the military. Many have volunteered as fire-fighters and other positions to serve the community, and conducted toy runs, blanket runs, and blook runs to help others.

What we are now seeing is discrimination against all the people of a certain sub-culture.  Cultural profiling is just as bad as ethnic and religious profiling.  Honestly, it is not an exaggeration to equate what is happening here with Germany in 1939-40.


There was a fight at a restaurant.  The story has been so bandied about by police and the media, that it would be difficult to ascertain with certainty what actually happened.  I will say without hesitation that Police are frequently dishonest in relation to their dealings with bikers.

Police break up fights every Friday and Saturday nights.  They happen at private parties, pubs, nightclubs, football and other sports clubs (both on and off field).  Most of the time, we never even hear about them.  They are very common.  But when some bikers get into a fight, its front page news for weeks.  Yet statistics would show that bikers get into public fights no more than other people in the population.

One can only wonder what would have occurred if that fight had been amongst football players.  Would football clubs be banned?  Would members of football clubs be prevented from being together?  Would they be banned from going to their Clubhouses to get their own possessions?  Would footballers be banned from being tattooists?  It's ludicrous what has happened in Queensland recently.


These new laws are very wrong, because a Premier has determined that 26 Motorcycle Clubs are criminal organisations.  But we have no idea what evidence he had to make that assumption.  There appears to have been no community consultation.  Did he consider each club individually?  Certainly, no club was given the opportunity to hear the evidence against them and to rebut or respond to the allegations.

Declarations of criminality should only be made by qualified judges.  Each should be linked to specific crimes that the Club is involved in.  The police and the premier's evidence should be examined, and the accused should be given the opportunity to speak to the charges.

It is a very dangerous precedent for a politician to stick his neck in and make decisions that belong in the Courts, particularly when he has not taken the slightest interest in whether their was evidence to prove his assumptions of guilt.


I think there is some evidence that a few of the Clubs, possibly two or three, are indeed involved in systematic crime.   But I know for a certainty that a larger number of  accused clubs were and are not criminal organisations.  Crime statistics support that view. Admittedly, the occasional member might smoke a bit of weed or sniff some whiz from time to time, but the Club has no involvement in crime as an organisation.

Mr Newman may not like Motorcycle Clubs, but that is not a valid reason for legislating against them in such an outrageous way.  Mr Newman and Mr Bleijie have shown a breath-taking disregard for Justice and the due process of law.


How strange that an advanced democratic culture such as Australia's has gone so far into breaking the United Nation's Declaration of Human Rights.  For example,

Article 7: ALL ARE EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW and are entitled WITHOUT ANY DISCRIMINATION to equal protection of the law. All are ENTITLED TO EQUAL PROTECTION AGAINST ANY DISCRIMINATION in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

Article 12: NO ONE SHALL BE SUBJECTED TO ARBITRARY INTERFERENCE with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, NOR TO ATTACKS UPON HIS HONOUR AND REPUTATION. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Article 13: (1) EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT AND RESIDENCE within the borders of each state.

Article 17. (1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.


Article 23. (1) Everyone has the right to work, TO FREE CHOICE OF EMPLOYMENT, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.

All of these articles have been breached by the Queensland Parliament.  ThIS is outrageous, shocking, and contemptible.


Can you imagine what would happen if Mr. Newman and Mr. Bleijie were to issue an edict that all Muslims are terrorists?  Imagine the furor if they made it illegal for Muslims to go to their own Mosques to get their belongings?  Or if they made it illegal for 3 Muslims to travel
together?  What if they said that if a Muslim was arrested for any charge he must be given no bail, and that when convicted he must be given the usual sentence + 15 years, and 25 years in the event of the Muslim being a cleric?  Whatever happened to "equal under the Law"?

We have seen headlines where Newman has ranted that all bikies will be treated as guilty until they can prove they are innocent.  Isn't that illegal?  Don't we have the "Presumption of Innocence" in this country?

We have seen headlines saying "Jail them  all"!  This is mind-blowing stuff.  Is that how we are going to practice Justice in this great land?  Does he realise that in fostering hatred for bikers he may be placing biker's lives in danger?

Then there are the lies that bikies are out to kill them, and particularly target police officer's children.  It is the Government that declared war on "bikies", not the other way around. And to go a step further, he has introduced this theory that bikers and paedophiles are of a common kind, or that bikers like to diddle children.
This is beyond defamation.  Although generalities are never 100% true, I can state with absolute certainty that most bikers would be the first to rush to the rescue of a child in danger, and most bikers would be hard-pressed not to let his fists do the talking when confronted by a paedophile.  When Daniel Morcombe went missing, it was in fact the Brisbane Rebels M.C.  that started fund-raising for the Morcombe family, and bikers were deeply supportive in the "Day for Daniel" events that developed.


Only Courts should have the power to determine if organisations are criminal or not.  Each organisation should be considered individually.  Evidence should be presented in a Court, and the people affected given the opportunity to speak to the allegations through legal counsel.

Only people convicted of a crime should be dealt with as criminals.  Where there is no evidence of a crime, all citizens must be given the presumption of innocence.  This is the bedrock of our Justice System.

All people should be equal under the law.  Sentences should be determined by Judges according to the circumstances of each case; the fact that one is a biker should be totally irrelevant to the sentencing process.

Whilst the laws are only aimed at bikers who have been demonized for years, people may be tempted to turn a blind eye to what is happening in our State.  I would warn them that the legislation is not specific to motorcycle clubs.  Any group the government does not like may find themselves on the receiving end of this sort of legal injustice.  Christians should be nervous.

If indeed, it is shown in a Court of Law that a Motorcycle Club is in fact a criminal organisation, then I have no problem with that Club being outlawed.  If a biker, or a group of bikers commit offences, then I have no problem with police collecting their evidence, prosecuting them, and having them jailed (for the normal period any other offender would receive).  The police have always had the power to do that, and have successfully done it time after time.

It is hard to believe that in our great nation, we have lost the presumption of innocence.  We have lost freedom of association.  We have lost the right to a fair trial in a Court of Law.

If Australia is the great country I have always thought her to be, these laws will not stay long in the law books.  Justice will reassert itself.  I would plead with the Justices of the High Court to protect Australia from this great injustice.

If you have any questions, please contact me at the email address given at the top of this letter.


An anonymous biker.

PS: How bad is it, that we in Australia now have to hide in anonymity to avoid spending 15 years in a pink suit?