Four bikie gangs have set up shop in Gladstone, allegedly peddling drugs to high income workers.
Four bikie gangs have set up shop in Gladstone, allegedly peddling drugs to high income workers.

Bikie gangs set up in Gladstone in bid to grow drug empires

OUTLAW motorcycle gangs are moving to make Gladstone a base in a bid to expand their drug empires.

The Black Uhlans, Outlaws, Odin's Warriors and Rebels have all built a presence in the area, with big industry dollars and high disposable incomes offering opportunities to conduct their dealings.

Police have vowed to increase the pressure on gangs operating in the region, in a bid to protect communities.

Currently, chapters are operating in Gladstone, Tannum Sands, Agnes Water and Moura.

Queensland Police have been waging war on gangs for decades and Assistant Commissioner for Central Region, Mike Condon, said they were determined to impede the activities of biker gangs in the area.

"Task Force Hydra, which operates out of the State Crime Command, is constantly monitoring activities of all outlaw motorcycle gangs," he said.

"With changes to the Criminal Organisation Act there is the ability to have OMCGs declared as criminal organisations which is a very powerful piece of legislation that can enable police to disrupt and dismantle OMCGs."

The Finks club was the first to have an application made against it to be registered as a criminal organisation, and Asst Comm Condon said if that passed Supreme Court judgment, it would enable police to place control orders on gang members and heavily restrict the ability of the gang to continue to function.

When asked why the groups had targeted Gladstone, Asst Comm Condon said it was a matter of gangs targeting the region as industry money flowed in.

"In recent times we've heard a lot of anecdotal evidence of OMCGs targeting high disposable income and mining areas to peddle their drugs," he said.

"They (OMCGs) use a number of strategies to influence a particular mindset in a region."

Asst Comm Condon said police were committed to ensuring the safety of the community and warned OMCGs in the area they would be relentless in their pursuit of those that operated outside of the law.