Big W is giving away free books for kids.
Big W is giving away free books for kids.

Big W freebie sends parents into spin

Free? What, where?

There's a reason why you will find a bunch of parents at Big W stores every Thursday, for the next 11 weeks - and that's because there's an amazing freebie involved.

Ever since Big W announced its free books initiative for kids on its Facebook page last week, parents have gone crazy for it, with one mum saying "looks like I'm going to BIG W every Thursday", while another added "OMG what a fantastic idea".

The post has since generated more than 8000 comments and over 7000 shares, with many asking if they can get their hands on more than one.

A Big W spokesman said yes, so long as it is within reason and while stocks last.

And it's not just parents, but teachers too expressing their support over the initiative.

"Well done BIG W! As a preschool teacher I love that you are sharing beautiful books with all children."

A first for the retailer, Free Books for Kids is a trial program that will see 12 different titles and 3.7 million books given away every Thursday, until March 4.

Meredith Drake, BIG W's category manager for books said the selected titles are ideal for reading out loud and aimed at children aged from six months to six years old.


big w announced free books for kids
big w announced free books for kids

According to Scholastic Australia, 86 per cent of Aussie kids enjoy being read books aloud at home, with the main reason being because it is a special time shared with parents.

"Reading to our children, especially before bedtime, has had so many benefits," father-of-two and Sydney personal trainer Anthony Ashdown told

"It calms them before sleep, it gives us quality bonding time in this 9-5 world. It inspires their imaginations and promotes intellectual inquisitivity."


Big W is giving away free books for kids every Thursday for the next 11 weeks.
Big W is giving away free books for kids every Thursday for the next 11 weeks.

"Children are inquisitive creatures by nature and they crave to learn. It starts with identifying shapes and colours, progressing to numbers and letters, and before you know it, they're asking endearingly philosophical questions."

A new title will be given away each week. Last Thursday it was Hush

Little Possum this week it will be 10 Silly Wombats followed by If You're Happy and You Know It.

"I am just so impressed with this! And so excited to start collecting for my one year old daughter who I read with multiple times every day - she loves her books! Thank you," a woman posted on the Facebook announcement.

The free books are across Big W stores nationwide where they will be handed out by a staff member upon entry.

A full list of the books can be found on the Big W website.