Big fines in place for catches during reef fin closure

CORAL reef fin fish will be off limits for four days and anglers risk a maximum penalty of $110,000 for breaching the rules.

The second annual closure from midnight on October 30 to midnight on November 4 protects the fish during the spawning season.

Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol district officer Geoff Fergusson said the closures were vital to protect fish at an important time in their life cycle.

"The closures coincide with the new moon, when key coral reef fish species aggregate to spawn," he said.

Mr Fergusson said officers would be out patrolling Queensland waters during the spawning season and could give on-the-spot fines of $440.

"Fishers need to remember that they should not take and possess coral reef fin fish species during the closure period," he said.

"Coral reef fin fish include cods and groupers, emperors, parrotfishes, sweetlips, wrasses, coral trout, fusiliers, surgeonfishes, tropical snappers and seaperches."

A reef fish guide is available online at to help anglers identify fish listed as coral reef fin fish.

The closures are in place from the tip of Cape York to Bundaberg.