Big Brother contestant admits bizarre crush



Big Brother's final three contestants battled it out for a grand prize of almost a quarter of a million dollars in last night's grand finale. 

Model Chad Hurst won over former footy player Daniel Gorringe and Chad's house sweetheart Sophie Budack , picking up just over $230,000 in the process.

Sonia Kruger
Sonia Kruger

It's not a bad prize for sitting around in a house in Sydney for just over a month - particularly given this season's housemates were arguably the safest people in Australia, protected from the escalating coronavirus pandemic happening outside their compound. 

We've liveblogged the grand finale this evening - read our updates as they happened below, including one contestant's savage burn to Sonia Kruger when he revealed his friends and family didn't like the show and were relieved when he left.

You can also catch up on Tuesdays's semi-final recap and all of James Weir's recaps from the season - he's got one final recap of tonight's episode coming shortly. 

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