Name: Trevor Johnson

How have you been going? We're just using some pillies and prawns. We've had a grunter and queen fish get away. We've only been down here for about an hour and we're getting some decent bites but haven't caught anything.

How often do you go fishing? Not as often as I would like. When I get time off work.

What's the best fish you have ever caught? You can't go past a barra I caught up in Mackay. It was just under a metre. It was beautiful; it kicked, jumped and bucked. Queen fish are good too.

Where do you usually go fishing? We come (to the hot water outlet) a lot or go fishing at Barney Point. You can get some threadfin going past out the front of Barney Point.

Do you throw your fish back or eat it? I take them home and eat them. I fry them in a pan or cook them in the oven. I like to have them in fillets.

Who taught you how to fish? I always fished with my uncle Wally. He taught me how to fish here in Gladstone and in Bundaberg.

Any tips for beginners? I'm a bit of an amateur myself. You always need a bit of patience.