Big Bang Theory banned? The episode "too hot" for TV


IT is the generally tame television series about a group of nerds, and one charismatic blonde.

So how did Big Bang Theory end up with a scene so raunchy that it was banned from some television networks, after being deemed "too hot" for TV?

#fbf to the first (?) #emmys (?) for @normancook and I. #notaselfie

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Mutterings from on-set and images shared by stars Johnny Galecki  and Kaley Cuoco (Leonard and Penny) give some hint as to why.

Cuoco shared snaps of the controversial scene social media - via her dog Norman Cook's account - showing the fitted corset that apparently took "15 minutes to get on".

The scene, which features Cuoco in a low-cut corset and stockings, alongside Galecki in a leather BDSM costume, is thought to be part of Sheldon's nightmare that his bedroom has become a sex dungeon.




The episode was the seventh in the show's 10th season and aired in the US on November 3.

Some stations described the scene as "too hot" for viewers in the UK, and cut it from the episode.

The pair were also married in this season, an interesting development for the couple who were previously lovers off screen.