A Gladstone club owner wants to allow all grade 12 students to train in their RSA.
A Gladstone club owner wants to allow all grade 12 students to train in their RSA. Contributed

Gladstone nightclub owner wants teens trained with an RSA

A GLADSTONE nightclub owner wants to gain funding for Year 12 students to complete alcohol service training to teach them how to have a safe night out.

Safe Night Precinct Gladstone chairman Aodhan McCann, the owner of MIePLACE nightclub, said 16- and 17-year-olds would benefit from gaining their responsible service of alcohol training before they graduate.

Mr McCann will take his proposal to the SNP funding committee next month to see if there is potential to gain state government funding to train Gladstone students.

He said it could become another initiative which helped to curb alcohol-fuelled violence.

"We need to start training and educating our kids before they go down to Schoolies and turn 18 so they know what the laws are," he said.

"With the RSA you're learning what the bar staff are looking for, and what it means when the staff are saying you're having too much and you need to drink some water."

He said it would be beneficial for young people to understand what it means when bar staff refuse to serve you a drink and the repercussions for staff and businesses for serving alcohol to someone who is under age or intoxicated.

"My kids are starting to get to that age and I'd like them to know the standards too. I'll be trying to get them trained in their RSA."

Aside from the safety benefits, Mr McCann said the training could help teenagers find employment after graduation.

He said the program going ahead would depend on State Government funding.