Bickmore says The Project would have struggled now

CARRIE Bickmore says The Project would have struggled to survive in today's social media driven landscape.

The panel show is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week.

"Funnily enough I think the show wouldn't have survived if it was in the era of social media the way it is now,'' she said.

"The thing was every night we weren't seeing what people thought of the show. You could hear whispers, chatter and read columns, but you weren't getting individual thoughts of people which meant each night we kept coming back and were brave again and would try new things.

"Sometimes social media stops you from being brave and stops you from continuing with your vision because you get swayed so much by what other people think. But we weren't hearing it so it was like there was a vision there from Craig (Campbell) and it just meant we kept doing it until we got the chance to get it right and we got to do it without reading how s--t we were from someone sitting in their lounge room."

Bickmore and long-time co-hosts and Waleed Aly will celebrate with a special 90 minute episode on Friday night.

Helliar said: "It's nice, nobody takes the time to reflect. The knives were out for us but in Australia we don't recognise our own inventiveness when it comes to television."

Aly described the show as a miracle.

"It doesn't make any sense that we're still here really,'' he said.

"It's a brand new format and often shows are adaptations. The only things that seem to have survived are reality shows. It's a miracle."