The Gympie family of a suspended female police officer says she has not seen her children in five months and they fear for her future.
The Gympie family of a suspended female police officer says she has not seen her children in five months and they fear for her future. melnichuk_ira

Beyond despair: Suspended cop's family fears for her mental health

THE Gympie family of a suspended police officer say their daughter has been abandoned and even victimised by the Queensland Police Service and they fear for her mental state and future.

The family, which has asked to remain anonymous for fear of making their daughter's situation worse, believe she has been the victim of a campaign to bring her undone following a falling out with a superior officer where she was stationed in outback Queensland.

Since that fall out, their daughter has been stood down, and had her children taken from her, they say. She has been denied all access to her children for five months.

The police officer, a mother of three who had sole custody of her children until they were taken, has been charged with assaulting two of her children - three counts in relation to hitting a child with an egg flip and one in relation to hitting a child with a garden cane.

"In May, the court ordered without any explanation that the father is to have full custody of the children and that the children are to have no contact with their mother at all," her father told The Gympie Times this week.

A trial date for the assault charges has been set for February 2018.

"As of September 7, it has been 138 days since our daughter last spoke to or saw her children."

"She is beyond despair. She has been completely isolated from her friends and her children resulting in her having to move back home to her parents. She is not coping at all as of this week. She is refusing to leave her room and refuses to eat. We her parents feel we have no other option than to go to the media for help.

"All for the allegations of disciplining one child with an egg flip and another with a stick.

"Our daughter has been the sole carer of her children since 2011. The children have gone from a loving home to living in a caravan."

QPS Media released this statement about the situation on the weekend:

"The police officer remains subject to court proceedings regarding common assault charges involving juveniles and as such it is not appropriate for QPS to comment further on this matter.

"The officer is also subject to an ongoing disciplinary investigation that cannot be finalised before the resolution of the matters before the court.

"The QPS offers a wide variety of support services to serving officers and staff, which members are able to access confidentially when they are required."

But the family says their daughter has been denied any support from the QPS and warned about the consequences of seeking help or seeing a psychologist outside the QPS.

"Our daughter was instructed and ordered by the inspector (where she was stationed) in front of her parent and a Catholic priest, that she is to have no contact with officers or staff employed by the QPS and she is, under no circumstances, to attend any premises that is owned or occupied by the QPS.

"So this means there is no support services for our daughter.

"She asked if she could speak to her psychologist about the matter but was sternly warned by the inspector that if she did speak to a psychologist and the QPS found out about it they would execute a search warrant on the psychologist's office and seize records.

"Those records would be used as evidence against our daughter in court.

"The whole ordeal made me (her mother) feel threatened and intimidated. I and a Catholic priest witnessed all of this. We do not wish to interfere with the court system but not seeing her children for such a long time is not good for our daughter or the children."

The QPS was said in relation to these final claims that it had no further comment to make.