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Better to be on a jury than in front of one

GLADSTONE'S Court Registrar Frank Daly said most people report their jury duty was a very positive experience.

"I can't recall the last time someone complained to me about being on a jury," he said.

The one question Mr Daly is often asked is why some people appear to be selected more than others.

"Of the 52,000 people on the Gladstone electoral role, there are 26,500 suitable for jury duty," he said.

"They are selected at random from a computer in Brisbane.

"I've had two notices this year myself after 20 years without a notice."

There are approximately seven sittings a year in Gladstone for 2 weeks each.

"To get a panel we send out 700 notices," Mr Daly said.

"We usually get about ten per cent or 70 people from that.

"Out of the 70, we'll get eight or ten people ring in sick or can't serve because their circumstances might have changed.

"We are flexible about who we choose, some people have conscientious objections or religious beliefs.

"The distance people have to travel is also taken into consideration.

"If they have good grounds we'll give them an excusal."

Even though you've been selected for jury duty you don't automatically get to serve on a jury.

"In the end it comes down to the prosecution and defence lawyers as to who gets chosen to serve on the jury," Mr Daly said.