The best XI cricketers of all time (says data)

IS this the world's Best XI cricket team of all time? 

Using a genius little data interactive put together by our friends across the ditch, our selectors have come up with who the numbers - and a fair bit of good judgement - say would make the best Best XI

You can find the interactive after the list. 

Interactive: Who are Australia's best one day cricketers?


Hashim Amla
ODIs: 113 Runs: 5666 Ave: 56.09 S/R: 90.03
The ultimate outlier. Outstanding, scarcely believable ODI record and a batsman who has tailored his game to all three forms expertly.

Sachin Tendulkar
ODIs: 463 Runs: 18426 Ave: 44.83 S/R: 86.23 Wickets: 154 Ave: 44.48 E/R: 5.1
His numbers are strong, several others are similar, but true class wins out and he can roll down a few leggies if the pitch is a bunsen burner.

Viv Richards (c)
ODIs: 187 Runs: 6721 Ave: 47 S/R: 90.2 Wickets: 118 Ave: 35.83 E/R: 4.49
May just be the best ODI batsman of them all. And all it would take is a glare in the field to pull his troops into line.

AB de Villiers
ODIs: 185 Runs: 7876 Ave: 53.21 S/R: 98.87
Inventive and electric. Seems not to need a settling in period. It warps the known boundaries of logic to think a player could average 53.21 while striking at a tick shy of a run a ball.

Mike Hussey
ODIs: 185 Runs: 5442 Ave: 48.15 S/R: 87.16
Fast starter and maintained that pace. Unflashy but ultra-reliable performer.

MS Dhoni‡
ODIs: 260 Runs: 8428 Ave: 52.67 S/R: 89.13
Bit of an iron gloves these days - yes, we saw the nifty catch in the quarter-final - but look at the average and strike rate. The perfect guy to come in with 10 overs left.

James Faulkner
ODIs: 41 Runs: 793 Ave: 44.05 S/R: 112.32 Wickets: 53 Ave: 31.86 E/R: 5.57
Pips Lance Klusener. Relatively early in his career, but his astonishing numbers can't be ignored.

Shaun Pollock
ODIs: 303 Runs: 3519 Ave: 26.45 S/R: 86.69 Wickets: 393 Ave: 24.5 E/R: 3.67
Not the flashiest cricketer, but unerring accuracy and consistency made him one of the understated greats of the game.

Wasim Akram
ODIs: 356 Runs: 3717 Ave: 16.52 S/R: 88.33 Wickets: 502 Ave: 23.52 E/R: 3.89
Economy rate, plus wickets taken at a compelling average. Must be in.

Joel Garner
ODIs: 98 Wickets: 146 Ave: 18.84 E/R: 3.09
Because of Curtly Ambrose, you forget how good Garner was. The original sandshoe crusher whose numbers roar class.

Muttiah Muralitharan
ODIs: 350 Wickets: 534 Ave: 23.08 E/R: 3.93
The sole spinner and edges out Shane Warne in the three key categories - wickets, economy and average.

12th Man Lance Klusener
ODIs: 171 Runs: 3576 Ave: 41.1 S/R: 89.91 Wickets: 192 Ave: 29.95 E/R: 4.7
A hard-hitting batsman and useful in-ducking bowler. Klusener has to wear the disappointment of the '99 CWC semifinal, which isn't fair because he was a fine player.

Selectors' notes:

The make-up of these teams again highlights how ODI cricket has evolved into a batsman's game, with a high percentage of modern players occupying slots 1-7.

Faulkner is perhaps the surprise pick, but his early numbers are hugely impressive - a game changer - and he pips Klusener and Glenn Maxwell.

No Warne because Muralitharan, no matter if his style was aesthetically jarring, has a better record.

Virat Kohli is the unluckiest to miss out - for all intents and purposes he should be there, but we wanted Richards as skipper and judged tendulkar to be a better option to open.