Myf Thomas went viral this week with her sweet rendition of Heal the World to her horse.
Myf Thomas went viral this week with her sweet rendition of Heal the World to her horse.

#BeLikeMyf takes country by storm

IF YOU ask three-year-old Myf Thomas what she loves, the answer is simple: animals.

The Roma girl went viral this week when friends of her parents shared an adorable video of her singing Michael Jackson's Heal The World to her horse.

At the time of printing, more than 3 million people had viewed the video on the Facebook page 'Only In Australia'.

It's not the first time Myf has found fame. She was featured in the Western Star as a one-day-old newborn, the first baby of 2017.

She has done a lot of growing since then, and while she might not fully realise the impact her video has on other people, her parents are reading every comment.

"Some of the comments are just so beautiful, saying that she's made their day or that she's a ray of happiness in this crazy world at the moment," dad Brendan said.

"In this current climate, everyone is in need of something feel good, and when our friends uploaded the video we didn't know how far it would go, and Myf definitely doesn't realise, but it's incredible to think about how many people she's made smile."

Mum Kelli has always hummed and sung around Myf, and while out in the paddock together feeding poddies, her daughter picked up some tunes.

"I love singing to my animals, especially Teddy who is my best friend," Myf said.

"I like making people smile."

Kelli doesn't often film, but was taken aback by the sweet sight of her daughter singing to her animals.

"I sent the video to some of my friends and one of them asked if they could share it on Facebook, and it just went from there," Kelli said.

"It's been shared by a lot of big names in the ag industry and I guess the hashtag #BeLifeMyf stuck because we all need to be like her.

"We're so proud of her."

To view the video, search #BeLikeMyf on Facebook.