Brooke Elliott, aka DJ Brooklyn.
Brooke Elliott, aka DJ Brooklyn.

Have a coffee with... DJ Brooke Elliot

WE have a coffee and a chat with some of Gladstone's favourite faces.

Name: Brooke Elliott
Occupation: DJ
Years lived in Gladstone: Grew up in Biloela, left at 17, lived in Gladstone last year.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon you can find me… hanging out with my sister on the Gold Coast, trying to soak up the sun at the beach.

When I was young, my dream was to... perform. I started dancing at the age of seven and I loved being on stage and in the spotlight.

When I go out in Gladstone… you'll find me at Bojangles. It was the place to be.

I would consider DJ Havana Brown to be my hero. She inspired me as a female to get into DJing. I first saw her when I was 19 and that struck something inside and I wanted to learn more.

Live for the Night, by Krewella…. would be included on the soundtrack to my life.

Hayden Panettiere (from TV show Heroes) …would play me in the movie about my life. She's young, blonde, has green eyes and seems like a lot of fun.

My date to the Grammy Awards would be... Calvin Harris. I love his music and I think he's pretty cute.

The best way to navigate through the Night Owl car park is to…. travel slowly and keep an eye out for any spare car park. And when I leave the car park I turn left. I always obey by the rules and will go the long way if I have to.

My first order of business as newly-elected PM would ensure jobs were more accessible for young people starting out in their careers.

My guiltiest pleasure…would be eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate at Max Brenner. Everyone craves chocolate.

I can't remember the last time I…watched a scary movie. Paranormal Activity 3 was the last I watched and I have avoided horror films since.

When I feel like splurging, I…go shopping, like any girl would. I splurge on new outfits.

You can listen to Brooklyn's guest DJ mix on Nova Nation's weekend show this month.