NOT A FAN: Flynn's ALP candidate Zac Beers has slammed the Federal Budget as being
NOT A FAN: Flynn's ALP candidate Zac Beers has slammed the Federal Budget as being "for the top end of town”. Matt Taylor GLA210318BILL

Beers slams budget as 'for the top end of town'

LABOR'S candidate for Flynn Zac Beers has criticised Tuesday's Federal Budget as "a budget for the top end of town".

In a joint media release with Shadow Minister for Trade and Investment Jason Clare, Mr Beers pointed out Gladstone was not mentioned once in Treasurer Scott Morrison's speech to parliament and said the budget "prioritised tax cuts for the top end of town instead of funding for Gladstone's local schools and hospitals".

"They failed to put a single dollar in the big projects Gladstone needs: the next stage of the Port Access Rd and Rookwood Weir," Mr Beers said.

"There is also still no money allocated from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility, that was announced three years ago this month, and has still not allocated a cent to Central Queensland."

In April, the Coalition confirmed it would spend $176 million on the Rookwood Weir, but the level of detail in the budget books was scant.

Normally, the forward estimates would indicate how much the government planned to spend on a major project like the weir over four years.

But a Treasury spokesperson said this was not feasible as the Federal Government had yet to reach an agreement with the Queensland Government before finalising fiscal details.

Mr Beers said the ALP would take its commitment to spending $176 million on the weir to the next election, along with its promise to spend $100 million on the next stage of the Gladstone Port Access Rd.