BEER REVIEW: I'm a sucker for a blurb and a label

IT HAS happened again. Every now and then a label catches my eye and I cannot help but reach out and buy a six-pack despite the alarm bells going off in the back of my head.

It is almost a rule of marketing. If the product is perhaps not up to scratch, make the packaging absolutely magnificent.

There are some exceptions. I thought Feral Hop Hog pale ale was probably going to be a fizzer but I actually really enjoyed it.

I sometimes fall for the blurb on the six-pack as well (thinking of New Zealand beer made from "paleo" water here).

They also tell complicated yarns about the James Squire range on its packaging and they are almost universally drinkable.

This beer actually got me on both fronts. The label is eye-catching and the blurb, well, superb.

I quote from the website: "Like the place it calls home, the flavours in Burleigh Brewing Twisted Palm Tropical Pale Ale are relaxed and uncomplicated.

"The unique hopping regime delivers tropical aromas and characters of orange, mango and papaya."

Fair dinkum, how could you say no to that?

So it came to pass that Hugh the Neighbour and I sat down to enjoy something called Twisted Palm Tropical Pale Ale from the Burleigh Brewing Company (makers of the beautifully named My Wife's Bitter).

Now, from the outset I should say that Hugh and I found this to be a refreshing beer.

It pours a pleasant orange-gold in the glass.

But try as we might we could not manage to pour any sort of head into the glass so the beer tasted a little bit flat.

The nose is really complicated, as you would expect from something claiming inputs from half a fruit shop.

When it first poured neither of us could pick up the individual fruit aromas, although when down to the last warm half a centimetre in the bottom of the glass I reckon I could get the papaya (or papaw as we call it at home).

Next time you are trying a new beer, take a good sniff and swallow before you read the label and see how close you get.

This is a nice enough beer, so not a disappointment.

I was just left feeling a little underwhelmed.

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