Revhead doing burnouts blames bee sting for actions

THE excuse that he was stung by a bee didn't fly for a 67-year-old Gladstone man caught doing a burnout in a Gladstone car park.

Vince Earnest Vock appeared in the Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday on one charge of wilfully making excessive noise or smoke.

The court heard the defendant was seen by police in a Barney Point car park on April 23.

At the time, a silver Commodore was observed doing a burnout and causing large amounts of smoke and noise.

Burnout marks more than a metre long were also seen in the car park after the offence.

When initially confronted by police, the accused said, "It must have been someone else."

The defendant pleaded guilty, but told the court a bee sting was to blame for the manoeuvre.

"It took me by surprise," Vock said. "I jumped in my seat."

Magistrate Russell Warfield said it was an unusual charge for an older driver.

Vock was fined $400.