FULLY RESTORED: Brent 'Barney' Beecroft outside his new store, Bedrock Chassis and Restorations.
FULLY RESTORED: Brent 'Barney' Beecroft outside his new store, Bedrock Chassis and Restorations. Greg Bray

Barney is turning rubble into rods at Bedrock

IT'S the one-stop car restoration shop gaining popularity locally and Australia-wide and it hasn't officially opened yet.

Brent "Barney" Beecroft said the official opening of Bedrock Chassis and Restoration will be on Saturday but he's already being kept very busy.

"We just completed two local cars," he said.

"We finished another one last week for a bloke near Sarina and the one I'm working on at the moment came from Maryborough.

"The owner couldn't get anyone in Australia to refurbish his father's original 1939 Ford standard ute.

"It's taken a few weeks but it's come up good."

Cars from around the country have been turning up at his shop in Dennis St, Boyne Island.

"There will be a car coming in from Blackwater next week," Mr Beecroft said.

"And another one arriving from Adelaide."

"They're being delivered from all over Australia at the moment."


Hot Rods - Brent Beecroft.
Rusty chassis are rebuilt from the ground up in-house. Mike Richards GLA160818HROD

His hunch that Gladstone needed a one-stop car restoration shop has been proven correct.

"I thought there was a need for it," he said.

"There isn't anyone in town doing this sort of work, the closest is a bloke in Rockhampton and he only does Chevys.

"The other store nearest to us is in Brisbane."

Mr Beecroft said he can rebuild a car from the ground up.

"We really can do it all in-house," he said.

"If someone turned up with a rusty old car we can fully restore it for them.

"We have all the machinery necessary to fabricate everything.

"From a brand new chassis rail and folding up new panels.

"Plus we have an engine builder who does great work.

"The only thing we don't do is painting and upholstery, we source that out to local businesses because they're very specialised fields.

"We use Got You Covered in Benaraby for the upholstery and there are a few local painters we use.

"We source original parts from all over the place.

"They may come in as wrecks but we'll send it back out the door as a rolling car."

Another sideline for the business is building brand new trays for vintage utes.

"We make them out of steel and press, fold and bead roll them," Mr Beecroft said.

"We can even stamp the logo onto the back of them.

"No one's making these anywhere else in Australia so I've been sending them to Sydney, Adelaide and Perth."


Hot Rods - Brent Beecroft.
CUSTOM MADE: Barney with a recently completed tailgate. Mike Richards GLA160818HROD

Mr Beecroft has been restoring cars for years.

"My father and I started rebuilding an old FC Holden when I was 16," he said.

"I've still got that car and a few more in my collection now.

"Over the years I've restored probably 20 to 30 cars.

His favourite project to date was a car he recently did up for his daughter.

"I'd picked up a HG Holden Premier from a family in Barney Point," he said.

"The old bloke who'd owned it had passed away.

"But he'd bought it brand new and bought it from Andersons back in 1971.

"Even though it had a lot of rust in it, it came up really good, it's a beautiful car.

"My daughter has nicknamed it Percy and I can't get her out of it."

He said it was good to see kids getting into the sport.

"Everyone thinks restoring cars is expensive," Mr Beecroft said.

"But if you don't spend money on stuff you don't need, then it's pretty cheap.

"It's a lot of work, but it's great to see an old car brought back to life."