A Gladstone man was sentenced to prison time for his domestic violence offending which dated back to late last year. PIC: Generic.
A Gladstone man was sentenced to prison time for his domestic violence offending which dated back to late last year. PIC: Generic.

Beaten, bleeding, threatened: Woman basher gets jail time

A Gladstone man was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment, however, will be released in under two after committing horrific acts of domestic violence.

The man, 27, who can't be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Friday to multiple charges including two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm and going armed to cause fear.

Police prosecutor Kelvin Boyd read the facts of the man's case, most of which stemmed from an incident at 4.30pm on October 24, 2020.

The defendant and aggrieved attended their neighbour's house at New Auckland.

Upon arrival at the address, the defendant consumed wine from a goon sack with the aggrieved, and further consumed vodka that belonged to the homeowner.

The homeowner stated that after some time consuming alcohol, the defendant and aggrieved got into a verbal argument in which the defendant called the aggrieved a "c---" and a "dumb b----".

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After the verbal argument, the defendant left the property and got into his car parked across the street.

He proceeded to drive in a reckless manner up the street, almost colliding with another vehicle before leaving the street.

The defendant returned to his neighbour's house around 8.30pm and parked his car in the driveway.

The homeowner told the defendant not to park his car there as she didn't want to draw the attention of police.

While the aggrieved was moving the vehicle to her address directly across the road, the defendant began verbally abusing the victim's sister, calling her a "c----".

The homeowner asked the defendant to leave before he punched her in the left side of her head, causing her to fall to the ground.

While on the ground the defendant again struck her with a closed fist.

The blows caused the victim significant pain including a gash above her left eye which was bleeding significantly.

Seeing her sister being attacked, the second victim tried to help by pulling the defendant off her.

The defendant struck her with a closed fist twice, one to the back of the head and one to the left eye which caused part of her left eyebrow to split and bleed.

The defendant left the address and armed himself with a shovel from his address before returning and holding the shovel in a threatening manner above his head.

The defendant entered the yard, approached one of the victims, directed the shovel at her chest and said: "I'm going to smack you over the head."

The victim ran from the defendant, who followed her and attempted to get inside through a sliding door, however, it was locked.

The defendant returned to his address and yelled towards the two victims: "Bang, bang, watch yourself."

Mr Manthey said he had been the magistrate in Gladstone for a year and was disgusted by the number of assaults on women by men coming before the court.

"As I have said previously today for another offender in custody, any man who lays a hand on a woman has no right to call themselves a man," he said.

Mr Manthey sentenced the man to a head sentence of 18 months with a parole release date of June 9, with 38 days of pre-sentence custody declared as time already served.

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