The Beards head back to Gladstone

Beard-loving band back in Gladstone

THE Beard's latest single named, Strokin' My Beard, is a perfect depiction of the quirky band's one true passion.

Many audience members stroked, touched and even rubbed their beards with The Beards' beards at the Harvey Road Tavern gig last year.

The boys are back to do it again, with an even stronger message for the females of Gladstone.

Pulse caught up with Facey McStubblington again, catching up on what's news in their world.

Pulse: What's the gossip since we talked this time last year?

Facey: If anything, nothing has changed. Perhaps as a band we are slightly more pro-beard. We really like beards. Since we were there in Gladstone, we have been to Europe at least once and become more worldly. It's fortified our belief in our own cause.

Pulse: How have you been going trying to get women to grow a beard?

Facey: Every gig we go to there's at least a handful of women with beards in the crowd. And that's something we've focused on. We will be accolading the efforts of the female bearded members of the audience. We like people of all ages and genders and races to have beards.

Pulse: Have you considered writing songs about other subject matter?

Facey: What is a song that is not about beards? A brain fart? It's a waste of everybody's time. The concept of a song is a vehicle for bearded propaganda. We don't really care for music, just beards. Music - nup. Guitar - nup. Women - nup. Bearded women - yes please.

Pulse: Excited to come back to Gladstone?

Facey: I for one am glad. You can't spell Gladstone without glad.

Strokin' My Beard Tour

WHERE: Harvey Road Tavern

WHEN: May 13

COST: Tickets $20

TIME: Doors open at 7.30pm