Beams trade still a big priority for Brisbane Lions: Schwab

THE Brisbane Lions' main focus will remain on completing a trade for Dayne Beams despite news that Geelong's Allen Christensen has asked for a move to a Queensland club.

Christensen's manager, Tim Hazell of Velocity Sports, said his client was seeking a trade "purely for personal reasons".

Lions recruitment manager Peter Schwab told he had spoken with Hazell about Christensen's desire to relocate to Queensland. But Schwab said any trade to the Lions would be 'hypothetical' while the club was locked in negotiations over Beams. On AFL Trade Radio yesterday, Lions chief executive Greg Swann confirmed the club's interest in Christensen (pictured).

"It's very early days, but obviously if (Christensen) wanted to come this way we'd be very interested," he said. "To be perfectly honest, we haven't got 100% of the detail as to why and what's happening there."