Back Beach at Angourie.
Back Beach at Angourie. Dean Everson

BEACH TRAGEDY: surfer dies after saying he felt unwell

POLICE have reported a 67-year-old man has died after he had a heart attack on Back Beach, Angourie this morning.

Grafton duty officer Acting Inspector Darren Williams said the man had been surfing and complained of not feeling well.

"He left the surf and went and lay down under a tree," Insp Williams said. "He suffered a massive heart attack"

He said a group of lifesavers and surfers was nearby and performed first aid on the man while calls went out to emergency services.

"We were called in to help the ambos get down to him on the beach, because they needed a four-wheel drive to get access," he said.

Insp Williams said the ambulance officers applied CPR to the man, but he died on the way to Maclean Hospital.

Police said they were contacting relatives.

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